Ksenia Sapunkova is a Canadian artist and entrepreneur, who was born in Lviv, (Ukraine) in 1989. After graduating with a BA Sculpture at the I.Trush College she moved to Toronto to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at Sheridan College. Her art practice straddles the fine art and commercial art worlds and includes painting, fashion design and videography. From 2009 she has produced numerous editorial and commercial collaborations with Byzantine Iconography Studio, and created a number of commissioned works for private clients. In 2016 she launched Saint Ksenia, a fashion line of silk accessories inspired by watercolor. Ksenia collaborates with magazines, newspapers and book publishers. Client list includes but not limited to The Kit Fashion Magazine, Collective Arts Brew, The National Post, BMO, Inhabit Media.

Most recently Ksenia Sapunkova and Anastasia Minster formed a creative duo called Watercolour Jazz, focused on creating a unique atmosphere with expressive live painting and chamber pop music.