Ksenia Sapunkova
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I am a professional artist with over 10 years of traditional Russian Academic training, BA in Illustration and Sculpture. For the past 9 years, I have been working at the Byzantine Iconographic Studio. My experience includes working with private clients and publishers and I have collected so much knowledge and skills that I am delighted to share it with others.

I offer art classes to people of all ages and level of skills who are willing to improve their technique, explore new media, create a strong portfolio or just to enrich their sense of aesthetics. I can help you to create the painting you will fall in love with.

The program can be designed specifically for you whether it is a course or one session.


My art studio is located in Etobicoke, we can also negotiate a different location.


$40 per hour. I also offer packages of 10 hours at a discounted price: $350.