Ksenia Sapunkova
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Imagination is all about being truly alive and in “OUT OF TIME” series of paintings by Ksenia Sapunkova, it shines through the bright and vibrant watercolours.  Those fairy stories on canvases speak directly to emotions and feelings and hence resonates deeply within the heart. The magic of it will lull your conscious self to sleep and lead your soul on the journey through the enchanted realms of your dreams. It is a healing place for an adult self to meet your inner child and bring once again the magic to everyday life.

In her works, the artist has explored the meaning of happiness as it comes from within the inner worlds of self where the joys and sorrows of the heart and soul intervened with each other. “Fairy Tales” series as a true magic story is the symbolic journey to the authentic dreams and soul desires. The paintings are an inspiration to feel deeper and to see the true beauty in everything.


[painting series inspired by Anastasia Minster's music]

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Hour of the Wolf series explores psychological and existential questions. Paintings are created during Watercolour Jazz live music performance by Anastasia Minster. Each painting was created as an intuitive response to the sound of piano and Anastasia's voice.




[illustrated book of abandoned things]


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"The mystic beauty of feminine charms is sublime. It flourishes as gradually as a flower in its own hour. There is a real magic in how a girl turns into a beautiful woman.  It happens unseen from day to day, from one hour to another. The enchanted muses of this series of paintings are perfections of a very special kind. Their beauty is so fragile, exquisite, naïve, all of which make them perfect in their imperfections.  

There is an entire world full of wonders hidden inside of every girl. Magic spells of intangible reveries and unexpected dreams surround her small universe. Every character of this series is full of such magic, wonders, small parcels of spellbound feelings, souvenirs from childhood and adult-like dreams. 

It is about all shapes and forms that love can take. It is about those warm feelings that are so dear to us. Lovely, kind muses look at you from the rainbow watercolours inviting you into these special small worlds, inspired by beauty and love. Each of them hides its secret that turns everyday life into an enchanted story".





The visual aesthetic of the Modern Muse painting collection stems from the desire to preserve grace and elegance.  To create this series which solely uses natural colours, Ksenia Sapunkova delved into an imaginary, vivid world and brought its muses to life. The two crucial elements for making this collection feel like a coherent set were mild transparency in the layers, and a look at the relationship between the fashion elements and the woman's portrait. A quintessence of this romantic and sensual series is the duet of expressive pencil strokes and fluid ink shapes. The fresh cut collages grace each artwork with a futuristic, sharp and clean feel. Dive into this unique experience.


[short film]


This animation is based is a part of my Graduating project for final year at Sheridan college, Illustration program. It is based on untranslatable proverbs with a focuse on proverbs that mention animals in a metaphorical sense.

Illustration, direction & animation: Ksenia Sapunkova.

Music: Moby,Lino Rise

Mentors: Stuart McGuinnes, Thom Sevalrud