I always aimed at depicting truth. Nature is honest.

I recall one day when I visually memorized the distinct lilac tint of asphalt rendered in warm and cool shades with the sunset light. I felt so good about combining this colour with the grass inspired viridian shade of green. This was my colour search for Young Muse Series. There is nothing as flawless as colours of ordinary objects in the day or night light.

When I think about sources of my inspiration i come to three components. Foremost, It is love. Nothing happens when this feeling isn't there. It is simply a perfect key that tunes the shapes and colours, sounds and actions in and all around. I see love as a state of being that crosses harmoniously every living creature. People, and their souls is being a second component. I'm attracted to capturing their depth in my work. Having said that a limitless inspiration comes to me through the words well put together by other people. The literature is an ultimate capsule that allows me to dive into past experiences of ancestors and learn from them.  Often, when I read, quick as a flash, the visuals come to me and roughly and sometimes rigorously I let them flow on paper. This is how I paint.  


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