Artists in Milan

Me and Marherita in her studio.

Every time i travel to some new place I love dropping by artist studios. What fascinates me is how different artists organize their work environment.  It is interesting to me to observe how the most organized and clear paintings often come out from the pretty chaotic studios. A wonderful example of that will be the studio of Francis Bacon which seems to be so messy that it’s hard to get through to reach paints or whatever material needed. On the other hand, the work space of Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollok is a pure reflection of their paintings. Maybe their paintings also reflect the energy around.. anyway, speaking of studios:

This January I’ve been lucky to meet an amazing person and a fascinating artist. Her name is Margherita Martinelli and she is a fine artist working in her studio in Milan. I find out about Margherita through  Barsky Gallery, in Hoboken NJ. Two years later we had a chance to meet.    

Her studio in Milan (the other one is located in her home city, Crema) looks just like I imagined - very cozy and organized. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of different bottles other then paints that Margherita had at her workspace. The side wall of her studio is used as a work area for smaller paintings. Covered with uncontrolled paint marks and lines it looks like a work of art itself.

Margherita told me about  effect  her studio structure has on her working schedule, for instance in her studio she can work with daylight only from 1pm to 4pm, after a while she had to get used to work with artificial light to get more work done.