Exhibition in Newmarket "Enchanted reveries of a whimsical mind "

From Monday, August 24 my work is up on the wall at the Books Cafe and Things in Newmarket. It will stay there for about a month. This event marks my first large showcase of personal work in Toronto which is super exciting!

Since the year 2009 I have been working on the set of traditional watercolours picturing women in various surrealistic interiors and exteriors.  The paintings did not seem to form anything coherent and unified when i started the project, it was rather a search of something authentic and unique in picturing the female body with all its fragility and tenderness. It came to me after years, when I looked through portfolio folder of approximately 80 pieces of same theme and realized that these paintings have lots in common. 

My talented friend Svetlana Rakevitch have put the words together beautifully to share what exhibition is about. 

 Enchanted reveries of a whimsical mind

"The mystic beauty of feminine charms is sublime. It flourishes as gradually as a flower in its own hour. There is a real magic in how a girl turns into a beautiful woman.  It happens unseen from day to day, from one hour to another. The enchanted muses of this series of paintings are perfections of a very special kind. Their beauty is so fragile, exquisite, naïve, all of which make them perfect in their imperfections.  

There is an entire world full of wonders hidden inside of every girl. Magic spells of intangible reveries and unexpected dreams surround her small universe. Every character of this series is full of such magic, wonders, small parcels of spellbound feelings, souvenirs from childhood and adult-like dreams. 

It is about all shapes and forms that love can take. It is about those warm feelings that are so dear to us. Lovely, kind muses look at you from the rainbow watercolours inviting you into these special small worlds, inspired by beauty and love. Each of them hides its secret that turns everyday life into an enchanted story".

Svetlana Rakevitch


Please feel free to check out this 100 years old place with a comfortable antique furniture and delicious italian pastries and tea/coffee when you in the area.

208 Main street, Newmarket, "The Books Cafe and Things"

208 Main street, Newmarket, "The Books Cafe and Things"


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