Life Tracks

Watercolour on paper, 2019 14”X20”

Watercolour on paper, 2019 14”X20”

More than a decade ago during my college years in Ukraine a good friend of mine recommended me a book called Transurfing. I read few first pages but it did not grasp my attention then. At that time I was planning my trip to Canada and felt overall excited about the upcoming changes in my life. Only 10 years later I came across this book again. This time was very different. The concepts described by Vadim Zeland resonated with me on multiple levels and very quickly I felt that this is the piece of knowledge that was missing from my life all those years.

I started this painting about 5 months ago, when I first pictured the concept of quantum physics applied to human’s life path. This art piece stems from the idea that our thoughts determine our life path, and our pathway unfolds depending on which way we orient ourselves.

When we are sad and lose the sight of our goals life tracks can get tangled. This is when it can bring us to the strangest places. However, as long as we keep our aim in our mind the pathway will continue unfolding in the right direction and eventually will bring us to the desired place. We don’t have to know how exactly we will get there, what truly matters is not to lose a sight of it.

As an artist, I encourage you to interpret the piece in your personal way. Let me only suggest a few symbols that I used to paint this life navigating reminder:

The strings symbolize life tracks (pathways), while colored sections created between them are life phases. I colored left part into deep indigo because the beginning of life is marked with questions and figuring things out. Lastly, the face on the right is a mirror reflection of the world, to remind, that we only get what we give.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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