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Much more than just an activity or sport, running is truly a lifestyle with the potential to transform a person. Rain or shine, it seems to us that there is no group more devoted to their passion than avid runners; and that is why the City Runner scarf is dedicated to them.

The scene displayed across the scarf’s silky frame aims to artistically express the freeing feeling that comes with letting go and allowing our legs to carry us as far as we need to go. As a city girl through and through, the artist includes a cluster of high-rises which tend to form a maze while running through them and unfold layer by layer as a runner makes their way through the city. The characters that appear as we take a closer look are meant to showcase the various forms and phases a runner goes through during their journey. Notice, for example, the blue jellyfish on the left-hand side; He represents the moment during which we stop feeling our legs below us and float down the street with the same ease as a fish swimming in the water."

Lightweight 100% Twill Silk scarf in 'pearl' white. Fashion motif with signature typography print in black. Logo at the bottom centre. This scarf has a beautiful shiny front surface and matte back with white silk hem.

Wrapped in a hand printed tissue paper and packed in the white signature box. 

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